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The IVY Foundation

The IVY Natural Science Education Foundation

The IVY Natural Science Education Foundation is dedicated to improving the natural science education by providing teachers with high quality educational support that will increase the students’ understanding and love of the natural science.

We support the nature and science education development by the two programs below:

The natural science teacher training program is specially designed for the primary and high school teachers. We will invite the natural science experts and professionals to conduct the periodic workshops. By taking advantages of the natural environment in Nanjing and Suzhou, the workshops will explore and reconstruct the natural science educational framework in highly efficient and interactive ways. The program also build up a more effective assessment method for the natural science education.

The natural science camp education program is a natural science outdoor program that enables students to integrate creativity and observation skills in their learning experience. The camp education and the school education are closely combined and support each other. Together, the school and camp education cultivate students’ self-awareness, stimulate students’ desire to explore nature, and motivate students to increase their natural science knowledge. The natural science camp experience will also help students to be more creative, more aware of their social responsibilities, and more appreciative of the beauty of natural science.

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