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Destination Investment – Investment Strategy

Based on 30 years of investment experience, there are four criteria for site selection: a) first-class natural scenic resources, b) special geographical features, c) 1,000 acres or larger, and d) profound local history and culture.

Revitalfinity, our proprietary investment revenue cycle, consists of land revitalization, local community development, IP derivatives, and management model standardization.

The core team consists of experts from tourism industry. The core team manages the entire project lifecycle, including project investment, development, and operation. The workflow includes the land revitalization, product benchmark formulation, rigorous construction cost management and quality control, and strategic asset portfolio management. This unique centralized operational management system ensures investment in an infinite loop.

Our exclusive “Beyond Retreats” brand, with its unique “The IVY Natural Science Education System” as its core competitive edge, provides tourism destination features that encompasses “Nature, High-Technology and Entertainment”. These features include: natural science education base, high-tech experience attractions, music theaters, art museums, five-star hotels/retreats, farm resorts, vacation residences, and themed leisure zones with dining and shopping, etc.